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The Mosna Campaign: The Story So Far

This constitutes basically the first 'arc' of our lotfp campaign when broken down after the fact (with the beginning of the other post, with Sofiya and Ilona getting captured and tortured being the very end of that section). I said I didn't know when I'd post it, but then I decided I should just do it, so I did. This are my recaps copy-pasted from the lotfp discord server, typos and all, nothing corrected or fixed up, just exactly as I typed it after the completion of the first 13 sessions of our campaign. Session 1 The PCs were travelling by train to the capitol. This is the doctor and butcher who are serial killers who I've mentioned before. The train crashed and they were some of the only survivors, stuck outside in a storm, completely unsure where they were. They mercy-killed some people who were still alive but dying painfully, then started looking for shelter. In the distance, they saw a farmhouse with a light in the window a couple of hours away, and a tiny v