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Session Recap: The Wake House, Pickman's Pit, and the Shining Trapezohedron

The next morning, Thomas seemed to be in his early 30s, holed up in the study, surrounded by books. Asenath went to talk to him, and told him that she fears that if he keeps aging the way he does, he'll be dead before the week is out. Thomas told her that he has the same worry, and that he's been trying to research anything that might help him. Asenath told him that she'd heard rumours of an artifact rumoured to be in the Old Wake Homestead out in the swamp that could possibly help - a shining ten-sided gem that allegedly contained a spirit that could work miracles. Thomas told her that he thought a miracle was all that could help, and Asenath cooked breakfast for her family and friends. Isidor Wake warned Asenath and Co. about the poisonous water in the swamp, begging Asenath to be careful. Asenath promised him she would. After breakfast, Asenath, Faye, and Araxie set out for the Old Wake Homestead. They skirted around the mountain and found their way into the swamp throug

Session Recap: Wood Elves, Mutilation, and the Mi-Go

 They woke up the next morning to the realization that Porphyria was missing, and immediately started making plans to go looking for her. Over breakfast, Isidor Wake told them that with the help of several other men of the village, he'd managed to clean up the old abandoned farm and wanted them to have it to thank them for rescuing Thomas. When they expressed their plans to go out looking for Porphyria, Isidor suggested that they should take his eldest daughter, Asenath, out with them on their adventure, because she's been looking for an opportunity to get involved in that sort of thing but hasn't had the opportunity because of how rare adventurers are in Vohlespil. They agreed, and set out for the woods.  Combing the area, they found Porphyria's battered sandal on the ground near an entrance to the woods - through the ancient ribs of a cyclopean beast - and a trail of vines, between the first and second crossings, near the area where they'd lost Porphyria. Faye fou

Blood and Black Lace: More on B/X Giallo/Clock Tower

I've been thinking and iterating more on the giallo/Clock Tower-inspired stuff, and generally just working out a bit more how I'd work it, but first I'll drop a table on improvised weapons. The sort of stuff you pick up in a room and use it to fend off the killer. It's not a long-term solution as far as armaments, and given your general lack of skill and training, you're probably not going to kill with it unless you get really fucking lucky, but it might be enough to knock the killer out, or at least distract them long enough that you can make a run for it, find a hiding place and wait it out. d50 Improvised Weapons Found in the Mansion They all have a 4-in-6 chance of breaking after a single use. 1: Scissors 2: Knitting Needle 3: Paperweight 4: Hair Dryer 5: Heavy Book 6: Fountain Pen 7: Flower Pot 8: Broom 9: Razor 10: Chair 11: Frying Pan 12: Letter Opener 13: Extension Cord 14: Statuette 15: Mannequin Limb 16: Hammer 17: Golf Club 18: Silk Scarf 19: Riding Crop

Driven Mad (and to Level 2) By The Revelation: Cthulhu-style Investigative XP Mechanics

 For a while I've been brainstorming a Lovecraftian/cosmic horror investigative sandbox campaign for lotfp/bx. Basically, the idea of 'What if when all leads turn up with dead ends in a Call of Cthulhu campaign, instead of having stuff like IDEA rolls and the like, you had to just drop the investigation and come back to it when something clicks or when you find some new information that helps you progress?' Like real investigators do irl. Like how a lot of serial killer cases get dropped for potentially years and then sometimes reopened when they find something new, or somebody ends up on the force who has a new perspective that pulls it all together.  Of course, I don't want to use actual Call of Cthulhu for this, because CoC is way too complicated for my tastes, so I've been looking at adapting it to lotfp/BX, using some mechanics from the fantastic OSR Mythos rpg Silent Legions. lotfp/BX's base XP mechanics, of course, need to be modified for this sort of con

Black Gloves and a Massive Pair of Scissors: A Couple of Tables for Giallo and PSX/PS2-style Survival Horror Characters

 I started playing Remothered earlier tonight and it got me thinking about translating giallo and old school survival horror (especially stuff in the vein of Clock Tower, Haunting Ground, etc. - the slasher-type games) into an OSR context. I'm generally envisioning this in a kinda Haunting Ground-esque scenario, where the PCs have been drugged and abducted and are trapped in a location where they're being hunted by a killer who can easily overpower them, without any real knowledge of how they got there. That bit being unraveled in the course of play, of course. Maybe even amnesiac PCs who only remember fragments of their life prior to their abduction. That sort of general feel. The setting is anywhere between the 70s and the present day. I threw together a couple of tables for character generation, just some basic stuff to flesh out character concepts and the like.  Iconic Clothing Characters in this style typically have a distinctive piece of clothing. Fiona Belli's micros

Session Recap: Of Wells, Blood, Mad Drunk Women, and Sirens

 We started today with Araxie, Shoshona, Faye, and Porphyria eating breakfast at the inn and preparing for their trip out to the well. They set out into the woods, following a path of ash, where they smelled an electric copper-y smell that set them very much on edge. They crossed a brook and were ambushed by a group of men with potato sacks on their heads who told them that this path was their territory and that they needed to pay up or they wouldn't be allowed to cross. There was a man with a bow up a tree and four men who snuck up and pressed the barrels of their guns against the backs of all the party members. Shoshona tried to negotiate, and in the process recognized the voice of the guy in the tree, placing him as one of the Roughnecks who she'd talked to in the bar the night before. Shoshona told them she didn't have much money, and that she wasn't sure if what she had would be enough. The leader of the group then told her to throw him her purse and that he'd