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Eternal Champion Paladin, aka My Houserules to Make Paladins Not Annoying as Fuck

 I've been studying AD&D and toying around with the extra classes with the goal of incorporating them into my OD&D/Holmes games. For some of the extra classes, it's taken a little bit of tweaking - Rangers are any Neutral alignment instead of any Good alignment, for instance. Paladin got a bit more complicated, because at first glance, Paladin doesn't have a place at all in the sort of morally ambiguous, cutthroat-style games I run. I mean, they're required to be fucking Lawful Good, for fuck's sake! So I made my own modified paladin that's geared towards Moorcockian alignment and the Law-vs-Chaos struggle I'm much more interested in than.  Eternal Champion Paladin  Level Titles 1: Blade 2: Lamenter 3: Mourner 4: Hawk 5: Fate-Tinged 6: Threshold Guardian 7: Soldier of Balance 8: Interstice Warden 9: Eternal Champion The basic restriction of the Paladin are modified slightly for an Eternal Champion Paladin.  The restrictions on magic items are retaine