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Session Recap: Rabbit Masks, Torture, and The King In Yellow

 After a long break because of the extreme heat, we're finally back on our old shit. And this actually turned out to be the final session of the Mosna campaign (which we hadn't planned, but it was such a perfect ending that we decided to call it there). Next week I'll be running a Call of Cthulhu 2nd Edition one-shot, and soon we'll be starting a Traveller campaign that E is running.  But anyway, one with the story: We picked up where we'd left off. Asenath passed out upstairs in bed with Julianne after the fistfight with the Roughnecks, Felicity asleep in a chair, depressed during the wake. While they were asleep in the early morning hours, the Roughnecks snuck into the house. Most of them wore rabbit masks, and the leader wore a fox mask. They were all armed (the grunts with sticks, a few higher-ups with knives and swords), and they knocked Felicity and Isidor Wake out cold so they couldn't interfere. They crept up the stairs and grabbed Julianne out of bed an