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Session Recap: Drunken Sex and Brutal Murder

 The morning of the harvest festival, everyone woke up early. While unconscious for three days, Irnessa had been having bizarre, extremely detailed dreams of the underwater city of Yol'ngul, punctuated by an extreme longing for the sea. She awoke with a firm drive to visit Yol'ngul and learn of the people there - her people, as she'd recently learned. She wandered the city, thinking about the whole situation, and about how alone she felt with no real friends she can even completely communicate with, and ended up sitting on a bench near the Temple of the Salt Nymphs - a pseudo-Dionysian Roman temple ruin situated on a mostly dried-up lake that had once been the central point of Vohlespil. She waved to a salt nymph who was sunning herself naked on a rock, and watched her for a while. At first thinking that the salt nymph was a human, she slowly started to notice her non-human characterstics - all of which she herself shared. Slightly pointed ears, mostly hidden by the salt ny