Session Recap: Drunken Sex and Brutal Murder

 The morning of the harvest festival, everyone woke up early. While unconscious for three days, Irnessa had been having bizarre, extremely detailed dreams of the underwater city of Yol'ngul, punctuated by an extreme longing for the sea. She awoke with a firm drive to visit Yol'ngul and learn of the people there - her people, as she'd recently learned. She wandered the city, thinking about the whole situation, and about how alone she felt with no real friends she can even completely communicate with, and ended up sitting on a bench near the Temple of the Salt Nymphs - a pseudo-Dionysian Roman temple ruin situated on a mostly dried-up lake that had once been the central point of Vohlespil. She waved to a salt nymph who was sunning herself naked on a rock, and watched her for a while. At first thinking that the salt nymph was a human, she slowly started to notice her non-human characterstics - all of which she herself shared. Slightly pointed ears, mostly hidden by the salt nymph's hair. Slightly unusual bodily proportions - slightly too long legs and arms. Gills situated on the salt nymph's sides, just below her breasts. The salt nymph beckoned to her, and Irnessa undressed and swam out to the rock. The salt nymph tried to talk to Irnessa, but Irnessa couldn't understand her speaking Slovak. 

So the salt nymph pressed her forehead to Irnessa's and established a psychic link. She introduced herself as Narala, and told Irnessa that she sees that she's one of them, or maybe a slight variation on their species. She told Irnessa that the salt nymphs are the last remnants of a colony from Yol'ngul, the last survivors of the blight that had destroyed the swamp. Irnessa told her that she was looking for answers to a lot of complicated questions she'd been struggling with, and Narala told her that between her and the other seventeen salt nymphs, they knew nearly everything as far as accumulated human knowledge, and if Irnessa would come into the temple, they could all discuss it and hopefully they'd be able to help her. Irnessa swam across the rest of the lake with Narala and entered the temple.

Narala led Irnessa through the dark into a room where thirteen salt nymphs lounged around a pool of water - reading, singing, playing instruments and fucking each other. In the center of the pool sat a massive brain-like mass with tentacles that reached into the salt nymph's vaginas, stimulating them slightly. Narala introduced Irnessa to the other salt nymphs, acting as a translator. Narala sat down and one of the brain's tendrils penetrated her. Irnessa sat down with her and they talked, while one of the brain's tendrils slowly inched its way up Irnessa's leg. Irnessa asked Narala about what it was like in Yol'ngul, and Narala told her that she didn't know how to describe it but could potentially show her through the psychic link. She kissed Irnessa and imparted a massive flow of images that somewhat overloaded Irnessa's mind. All she caught was glimpses of the salt nymphs swimming in Yol'ngul, exploring underwater caves, the salt nymphs dancing with Deep Ones, and performing a ritual of some sort devoted to the Blood Goddess Ia'Ioway. 

Awakening from the vision with a slightly foggy head, Irnessa felt certain that she needed to visit Yol'ngul. She asked Narala about how the salt nymphs had survived since the blight three hundred or so years earlier, and Narala told her that in Yol'ngul, the Deep Ones have a way of making hybrids immortal, or untouched by age, rather. They could still hypothetically be murdered. The tentacle crept up Irnessa's leg and towards her vulva, and she considered brushing it away but decided to allow it to move closer and closer. Narala told her a little more about Yol'ngul, where the Deep Ones worship their immortal queen, Y'ha'nthlei. The tentacle nearly entered Irnessa, but at the last moment, she brushed it away and told Narala that she needed time to think about it, that she needed to talk with some friends first before she could make a decision. 

Narala told Irnessa that she and the other salt nymphs would be waiting for her when she makes her decision, and Irnessa left the temple and got dressed. Instead of searching for the rest of the party, she instead began searching for Lavinia Vernebova. Unable to communicate with anyone in the city, the search was extremely slow going, taking most of the afternoon. Just before it was time for the festival to start, Irnessa found someone who communicated to her that Lavinia often hangs out at a bar called the White Stag, but that she probably wouldn't be there today because of the festival. Dejected, Irnessa wandered over to the festival grounds and sat down by a bonfire to wait for Lavinia to arrive.

Early morning, Felicity woke up, worried. She wanted to buy a present for Asenath as an apology but couldn't figure out what would communicate the fact that she's sorry and wants to be friends but is actively trying not to hit on her. She decided to ask her father, who was already drunk and out painting on the back deck, half-naked. Despite her insistence that she wasn't trying to sleep with Asenath, Joop insisted that clearly Felicity is interested in Asenath, and should apologize to her by either fucking her hard or buying her expensive jewelry. Felicity protested, and Joop told her that there are two kinds of people in the world - those who fuck, and those who don't. He told her that he hopes that one day she'll stop being the kind of person who doesn't fuck, and that he worries about her because she's still a virgin at twenty-one. Embarassed, Felicity excused herself with the conversation, and came up with the idea herself to buy a cake for Asenath. 

She got dressed and went out into the city, wandering through the festival grounds. She came upon a group of men who were nailing the doors of the church shut, and covering over the windows with boards. She asked them what was going on, and they told her that God doesn't need to see what goes on at the festival. Not really caring about religion, Felicity went on her way. She found a bakery run by a very dramatic and extremely accomodating (like, on a creepy level) dwarf (as in person with dwarfism, not the fantasy race) named Nadja who invited her in to chat while she decorated the cake. Nadja asked Felicity all kinds of questions, and Felicity, not being used to country life, was confused and suspicious, and lied a lot. Seeing through it though, Nadja told her that she recognized her features as being like those of the West Mountains Von Ooms family, and deduced that she's Joop's daughter. Embarassed, Felicity chatted with Nadja about Joop's plays. The conversation was cut short though when Nadja made racist comments about "gypsy filth", which offended Felicity. Nadja was confused why Felicity was offended, especially since she's nobility, so Felicity kinda just shut up and waited until Nadja finished so she could leave. 

Felicity went home, cake in hand, and talk to her father again. He was now even drunker, and she asked him about what he thought she should wear to the festival. He told her about his own plans to paint his chest red and wear a cape, which didn't help Felicity at all. Joop then rambled about the little men who live in the walls, and the group of children who Giles de Rais was planning to bring home for the evening. Felicity hallucinated a plate of fish in the kitchen cabinet, then spent the rest of the afternoon getting dressed for the festival.

After breakfast, a still-exhausted Asenath went out to help her father in the fields, and catch up since she hadn't been able to talk with him much lately. Isidor Wake was out harvesting grain, and Asenath followed behind him, pushing a wheelbarrow that Isidor threw the stalks into as he cut them down. They talked about Thomas' miraculous recovery, and Isidor mentioned that he'd seen Asenath coming out of her brother's room half-naked the night before, and asked her - just for his peace of mind - whether she and her brother were doing something 'unbecoming that's an affront against God'. Asenath assured him that it wasn't anything like that, and Isidor told her that he couldn't be too sure, especially with her recent sleep-walking episodes - which Asenath hadn't been aware of. He told her that for the past few nights, she'd gotten dressed and gone out of the house, and sometimes had come back covered in blood. He mentioned the change in the color of her hair and eyes, and told her that he'd figured out that she had a hand in Thomas' recovery, and that he believed it involved the things Asenath had brought back from the old Wake homestead.

At first, Asenath denied it, but Isidor told her that he recognized the signs, that he'd seen the same things happen with her occultist mother, who he thoroughly believes he should have killed before everything went bad. Asenath promised her father that it was over, that she was finished dabbling in the occult, and Isidor told her that that's what occultists always say, that their dabbling is over when the crisis they're trying to avert is over, but that they always fall back into it when things get bad again. Asenath tried to promise him that it wouldn't happen again, but her and Isidor both knew that she couldn't make that promise in good faith. She told him that at least she'd burned her copy of the Black Rites in the ritual she used to save Thomas, and Isidor made her promise that she wouldn't go looking for another copy. Asenath mentioned that she didn't know how her mother had died, and Isidor told her the story so that she'd understand the severity of what she was dabbling with. 

He told Asenath about how she had had an older sister who she had never known, who her mother had involved in her occult dealings, and that it ended with Asenath's older sister spirited away into a realm between the worlds called Caealano. After that incident, Isidor had made his wife get rid of her books and swear to him that it was the end of her occult dabblings, but still, he heard her mumbling in her sleep about colors from beyond this world, about arcane bubbles in the void, about the fishmen of Yol'ngul. At some unknown point she slipped back into her occult ways, and eventually evaporated - like rainwater, she evaporated slowly in the sunlight one long summer day when Asenath was young, for reasons he still couldn't comprehend. 

Crying, Asenath tried in vain to convince Isidor that her occult dabblings were over for good, but she couldn't convince him. They finished their work in silence, and Asenath left the house, telling Isidor that she was going into town to help people finish setting up the festival, all the time holding back tears. As she was leaving, Thomas called to her and told her that he wanted to talk to her about what had happened the night before. Asenath told him she couldn't talk at the moment, that she'd been having a really weird fucking day, and Thomas understood. He told her that they could talk at the festival instead, and Asenath ran into the city. She climbed the wall of church's garden and sat down on a bench and let the tears flow. 

After a few minutes, another woman came into the church garden - a girl a couple of years older than Asenath who she'd vaguely been friends with when she was young, named Jamie (Jaime Bohmer from People of Pembrooktonshire, for those of you in the know). Jamie sat down next to Asenath and also started sobbing her head off. Asenath dried her own tears and asked Jamie what was wrong. Jamie told her that she was worried she'd offended her by seeing her crying when she clearly didn't want anyone to see, and that it had made her so upset she couldn't help but cry because she has a lot of respect for Asenath and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt her. Asenath calmed Jamie down and told her that it wasn't a problem, then they chatted for a while. Asenath asked Jamie about her pregnancy (Jamie was about four months on), and Jamie told her that she doesn't know who the father is, that she doesn't really remember at all. Asenath comforted her, and moved by Asenath's kindness, Jamie asked Asenath if she could kiss her. Asenath told her that she could, and then Jamie asked Asenath if she could kiss her between her legs. Still flustered by everything that had been going on, and not thinking 100% clearly, Asenath agreed, and Jamie got down on the ground under Asenath's skirt and ate her out, then awkwardly left the churchyard. 

Calmer, Asenath walked back home, while talking to herself about how she didn't think she's the kind of girl who hooks up with random people in the churchyard, but that after the past few days she really doesn't know who she is at all anymore, so maybe this is who she is now. Back at the farm, she got ready for the festival, then went to ask Porphyria if she'd come with her. Porphyria hadn't known about the festival but she was excited to accompany Asenath. She started getting dressed, and Asenath got really flustered and awkward when Porphyria took off her dress and stood around naked in front of her while looking for something to wear. Porphyria told Asenath that she doesn't need to be so weird about it, especially since they've had sex. Asenath then hedged awkwardly around the question of if Porphyria wanted to be her girlfriend. Porphyria basically drug the actual question out of Asenath. Porphyria said yes, but with the caveat that they could still sleep with other people, which Asenath was fine with, especially with her newfound state as the girl who hooks up with random women in the churchyard. Porphyria finished getting dressed and showed Asenath the fungoid ridges that had grown on the soles of her feet as her wounds healed, a product of the medicine she'd been given by the fungoid creatures. They set out for the festival together, a little after the rest of the family had already left. 

Felicity arrived at the festival a little early with Joop and Giles de Rais, holding Asenath's cake awkwardly. Joop and Giles slipping away for their own brand of merry-making, and Felicity sat down to wait for Asenath to arrive. A mask-saleswoman named Julianne sat down next to her, near one of the big bonfires, and started chatting with her. Felicity was a bit smitten, and acted awkward as hell, especially when Julianne started flirting with her. Felicity brought up Joop's plays, and Julianne talked about how she thinks Joop's plays are awful. At first, Felicity argued, but the more Julianne talked, Felicity realized that she's right and that she's just been looking at things through rosy glasses since Joop is her father. They chatted a while, and when Asenath came up, Julianne told her that she knows her, that they'd been friends when they were kids but had drifted apart a little as they'd been getting older, and that she'd always wanted to reconnect with Asenath. She agreed to stay with Felicity at least until Asenath arrived so she could say hello. They chatted a little. Julianne rambled about a hot vampire guy in one of Joop's plays, and then made reference to sleeping with women a lot, flustering Felicity deeply. Since it was Felicity's first time at the harvest festival, Julianne told her that the 'women of the earth' arrived around midnight, and warned her not to participate in the wrestling matches, no matter how much people urged her to.

At about that point, Asenath and Porphyria arrived at the festival. Felicity spotted them and called them over. Porphyria and Julianne got to flirting a lot, and Asenath and Felicity talked for a while. Felicity apologized for how she'd been in the past, and Asenath apologized for hitting her even though she'd deserved it (which, at this point, Felicity agreed with). Felicity talked a little about her hallucinations, but in a much more coherent way that got Asenath processing that rather than Felicity just being a total weird asshole, there was something mentally off with her that likely caused some of her behavior. Thinking about it, Asenath realized that it was likely a product of Joop's cursed architecture. She asked Felicity if her delusions had gotten worse since she'd come to Vohlespil, and Felicity told her that they had, all but confirming Asenath's theory. Felicity then presented Asenath with the cake, but Asenath told her she wanted to get something to drink, that especially after the week she's had, she wants to get really fucking drunk tonight. Felicity told Asenath that she doesn't really drink but that she'd try it for her sake, so Asenath got up and came back with beer for everyone. 

Meanwhile, Irnessa found Lavinia, sitting on a bale of hay. She went to her and told her about her troubles. Lavinia let Irnessa lay her head in her lap and comforted her, then asked her if she wanted to come with her to the ritual that she and several of her friends were going to be carrying out that night - an invocation of the great goddess E'lehten'kehrena. Irnessa agreed, and then she told Lavinia about how she's the only person in the city she really cares about, even though they don't know each other well. Lavinia told her that she thinks that's sweet, and that they were waiting for two other people then they could go back to the house. They chatted a little, and two other women arrived. A tall red-haired woman in a white mask named Tasha, and a figure in a black robe with a big hood, little glowing pinpricks of multicolored light sparkling in the hood, named Arriska. Lavinia introduced Irnessa to the others, and they walked back to Lavinia's house, taking a secret path that only Lavinia knows, that avoided the woods entirely. Irnessa tried her best to memorize the path in case she needed to come looking for Lavinia at her house again.

Back at the festival, Asenath, Felicity, Porphyria, and Julianne watched a performance start to unfold on the outskirts of the woods, near where they were sitting. Performers in traditional garb began to play out an opera about a couple who fell in love during the first outbreak of the Red Death several hundred years ago, around the time that Vohlespil was founded. Asenath told the others that she wanted to honor her several-years-in-a-row tradition of drunken skinnydipping in the river, but Porphyria told her that she wanted to stay and watch the show. The two of them solidly getting drunk now, Asenath and Julianne got up and started dancing to the music of the show. It was getting dark, and the crowd yelled for them to get out of the way, so Asenath and Julianne ran to the river, leaving Porphyria and Felicity back at the show. Asenath and Julianne undressed and started having sex in the river. 

Porphyria and Felicity talked in whispers for a while, not even noticing at first that their friends had left. They talked about their past relationship, back when they'd been, like, 16, 17 years old, and the infamous incident where they almost had sex but Felicity freaked out, told Porphyria she was afraid of sex, then ran away and never talked to her again until she ran into her three years later in Vohlespil. Felicity remembered the incident quite differently. She believed that Faye had interrupted them by coming into the shop, and that she had had to sneak out the back. Porphyria told her that that wasn't true, and that Faye's only involvement had been that she had come over after Felicity left and that they'd had sex while Faye was comforting her. Felicity didn't even remember that they'd actually been dating back then, that she'd told Porphyria that she loves her, even. Hearing the full story, she understood why Porphyria had been upset with her, and she apologized. They chatted playfully and semi-flirtatiously a bit, and somehow this turned into Felicity teasing Porphyria about her small breasts. Porphyria insisted that Felicity's breasts aren't any bigger than hers, that they just look bigger because of the corset she wears. Felicity unlaced her corset and showed Porphyria her breasts (which had grown a lot since back then), which flustered Porphyria. 

Porphyria told Felicity that she wants to start over with their friendship, but that's still a bit mad, and thinks that the only way to get all the past tension out would be to either hit her or for the two of them to have sex. She told Felicity that she wanted to try hitting her first, which Felicity assented to. They went to a back alley and Porphyria slapped Felicity hard in the face four times, then told Felicity that she was feeling better, that that had helped a lot. They decided to go find Asenath and Julianne at the riverbank, but neither of them knew the way, so they wandered a bit, talked, got lost, then eventually found their way. 

They reached the riverbank only to find a very drunk Asenath and Julianne making out in the water. Asenath urged them to join in, or at least to get naked and in the water even if they didn't want to join in the sex. At first, Felicity was hesitant, since Asenath and Julianne were super super drunk and she was afraid of things getting sexual. Asenath convinced her though, and then convinced her to let her and Julianne play with her breasts. Felicity got super super turned on and awkward, but kept thinking about her father's words - "There's two kinds of people in the world - those who fuck and those who don't." She told Asenath that she wants to have sex with her and Julianne but doesn't know if she should since they're drunk and she's not. In response, Porphyria invited Felicity to have sex with her before she got drunk so that she could join Asenath and Julianne. Felicity ate Porphyria out while Asenath and Julianne kept playing with her breasts - licking and sucking and kissing them. 

After they finished, Porphyria sat down on the riverbank and downed several beers so she could get as drunk as Asenath and Julianne. She told Felicity that what had happened was just casual, that she didn't want Felicity to get the wrong idea, and Felicity told her that she hadn't. While Porphyria was drinking, Asenath and Julianne tried to convince Felicity to get drunk so she could fuck them. Felicity said she wanted to be the sober one so she could make sure there wasn't any danger lurking nearby, but when she saw Porphyria drunk and having sex with Asenath and Julianne, she decided to join in. She downed a couple of beers and slipped into the river, joining Asenath, Porphyria, and Julianne in an orgy in the river.

Irnessa, Lavinia, Tasha, and Arriska arrived back at Lavinia's house. The salt nymph Narala was waiting for them there. Lavinia explained to Irnessa that Narala is to be the vessel of the goddess, that once they have invoked Her, She will speak through Narala. Lavinia led the group inside, and through an earthen tunnel beneath her house. They entered a small grotto beneath the house, a cave that connected partially to the sewers. Lavinia told the others that it was Irnessa's first annunciation, so they should be patient with her when she didn't understand. 

Chained to the walls of the grotto were four of the wolf-like ghouls they'd seen in the old Wake house. They began barking when the group entered the grotto, but Lavinia calmed them with a few words in Aklo. Lavinia promised Irnessa that she'd help her through the ritual, then explained that the first part of the ritual involved the gathering of energy. She unlaced Irnessa's dress and helped her out of it, then asked for Irnessa's help in unlacing her own dress. Tasha and Arriska undressed as well. Arriska had the body of a muscular woman but instead of a face, she had a gaping void filled with tiny pinpricks of multicolored light. Arriska and Tasha entered the water. They began fucking while Irnessa helped Lavinia out of her corset and her dress. Once Lavinia was naked, Narala pulled Irnessa into the water and they had sex underwater. Lavinia unleashed the ghouls, and when Irnessa and Narala surfaced, they found the ghouls and Lavinia, Tasha, and Arriska engaged in an orgy with the ghouls. The room filled with steam, and Lavinia urged Irnessa and Narala to join the orgy (which they did). 

After an hour or two of sex, the room was so full of steam that you couldn't really see far past your own face. The ghouls went wild, barking and screaming, and Lavinia shouted for Irnessa's help in restraining the ghouls. Irnessa pinned one of the ghouls to the wall with her body and chained it back up, while Lavinia, Tasha, and Arriska struggled with the three others, fighting them and having trouble chaining them up. Irnessa went to help Lavinia, but the ghoul kicked her in the stomach, knocking her down. Lavinia managed to force it back into its chains, but Tasha and Arriska were in worse shape, both getting bitten pretty badly by the ghouls they were wrestling. Irnessa and Lavinia moved to help Tasha, but a kick from the ghoul threw Irnessa back against the wall, breaking a few ribs. Lavinia and Tasha wrestled the ghoul back into chains, and the ghoul Arriska was struggling with tore out her throat. Arriska fell, coughing and spurting blood, screaming, and Irnessa, Lavinia, and Tasha wrestled the final ghoul back into its chains. 

Lavinia ordered Narala to drag Arriska's dying body into the sewer tunnel, then explained to Irnessa that the ritual required human sacrifice and now the ghouls had made the decision for them so she wouldn't have to choose which of them to kill. The women gathered in a circle around Arriska's body, Arriska all the time sputtering blood and crying, screaming for help. Irnessa told Lavinia that she thinks she could save Arriska, and Lavinia told her that if she does, she has to be the one to kill Tasha, as a punishment for her mercy. Lavinia then planted her foot in Arriska's mutilated throat and stomped, smashing her vocal cords so she couldn't scream, but Arriska still murmured, sobbed. Lavinia stomped on Arriska's mutilated throat a few times more, but Arriska still wouldn't die. The whole situation freaked Irnessa the fuck out. She'd been okay with weird monster sex and killing, but Lavinia basically torturing Arriska had been too much for her. 

Irnessa took Narala's hand and asked her psychically how she feels about this situation. Narala replied that she never approves of torture, and Irnessa told her that she thinks she can do something about it. Irnessa and Narala snuck back to the room with the pool while Lavinia chatted casually and absorbedly to Tasha about all manner of things. Irnessa pulled her guns out of her jacket pockets and loaded them, primed them. She crept down the tunnel, keeping Narala behind her. And then Lavinia realized that Irnessa was missing. She shouted for her, and when Irnessa didn't answer, Lavinia sent Tasha after her. Araxie fired, shooting Tasha through the throat, killing her. Realizing that Irnessa had turned traitor, Lavinia ran down the tunnel towards Irnessa, chanting a spell in Duvan'ku that Irnessa knew would kill all listeners if she could finish the incantation. Racing towards Lavinia, Irnessa shot her in the shoulder. Lavinia's incantation interrupted by a pained cry. Lavinia fell to the ground, bleeding heavily, and began chanting again. Araxie raced over to her and smashed Lavinia's jaw with the butt of her pistol, ending the chanting. Lavinia still tried to gurgle out words through the pain, and Irnessa proceeded to beat Lavinia with the pistol butt until her skull was a bloody pulp, and then she kept beating. 

Once she was sure Lavinia was dead, Irnessa rushed to Arriska's side. She was still breathing despite the mutilation and torture. Irnessa asked Narala if the Deep Ones of Yol'ngul could possibly help Arriska with their magics. Narala told her that they could, so Irnessa froze her with magic, to keep her in a kind of suspended animation until they could get her to Yol'ngul. Narala told Irenssa that the tunnel they were in let out eventually in the ocean, and from there it was only a four day swim to Yol'ngul, through a tunnel beneath the continent. Irnessa gathered her gear and her coat, tied Arriska's frozen body to her back, and told Narala that she was ready to go. 

We decided that Irnessa's Yol'ngul adventure is going to be handled offscreen, since E was starting to get tired of playing Irnessa and had been planning to temporarily retire her anyways, so we decided to roll a series of checks to see if Arriska died on the trip, in the moments between Irnessa's freezes. She did, on the final day, but that whole thread won't be picked up again until the party eventually goes to Innsmouth to meet up with Irnessa at some future date (which they've talked about doing, especially since Asenath has a lesser case of Deep One heritage). 

Back at the river, Asenath, Felicity, Porphyria, and Julianne's drunken river orgy lasted long into the night. While Felicity was sitting on Asenath's face, she saw the women of the earth - inhumanly lanky and skinny creatures that sit in a kind of uncanny valley space of nearly being human - coming in from the wilderness. She told the others, and they stopped their orgy to watch the arrival of the earth women, which was some kind of majestic. About thirty or forty of them, walking in a large group, coming into the town. Some naked, some wearing the skins of animals, their bodies decorated with tribal swirls and markings scribed in blood. They watched as the women of the earth walked right past them - not even acknowledging them in the river despite sometimes even stepping over them - and into the village. 

Once the women of the earth had gone, Asenath, Felicity, Porphyria and Julianne decided to walk back to the village and go to sleep in Felicity's big bed at Joop's house. They were all too drunk to get dressed, so they just balled up their clothes and started back to the village, no one in the group anything close to able to walk a straight line. They decided that Asenath was probably the least drunk, so she led them through the woods and back to town. 'Least drunk' was still hugely drunk though, so they ended up wandering lost, stumbling past people drunkenly having sex in the woods. They kept walking until they were too exhausted to keep going. Asenath puked her guts out against a tree, and her, Felicity, and Porphyria passed out on the forest floor. Julianne didn't notice that the others weren't still following, and she was a little less exhausted than the others, so she managed to make it back to town as the first rays of the morning sun were creeping into the sky.

Asenath awoke not more than an hour after she'd fallen asleep to the sharp pain of being dragged by her hair. A man in a black coat with a hood pinned her up against the tree and called her sister. Told her that he'd seen her in the study that night, topless, and that he knew she'd been wanting him. She tried to fight, but still hugely drunk, Asenath could barely struggle. The man hit in the stomach and three times hard across the face. Asenath started screaming. The man lowered his hood, revealing himself to be Thomas. He hit her again across the face, then unbuttoned his pants and started shoved his weaseled old man dick into her violently. 

Asenath's screams woke Felicity and Porphyria. Porphyria was still too drunk to stand, but she tried to crawl towards the source of the screams, recognizing Asenath's voice. Felicity managed to snap out of her stupor, running on adrenaline. She grabbed her pistol from her pack and ran towards the source of the screams to help Asenath. She came upon Asenath pinned to a tree, badly beaten, Thomas raping her while she struggled in vain to escape his grasp. Felicity pointed her gun at Thomas and told him that if he didn't stop, she'd put a bullet in his brain. Thomas pulled out, his semen dripping from between Asenath's legs. She fell to the ground, and Felicity told Thomas that he had two choices but wasn't going to leave the woods alive - either he could kill himself with a knife she offered him, or she could shoot him. Thomas insisted that Asenath wanted what he did to her, but agreed to take the knife. 

As soon as Thomas had the knife in hand, he lunged at Felicity with it, shouting about how 'ought to kill you bitches for this'. Felicity fired but Thomas ducked. He swung, but Felicity dodged and Thomas got his knife stuck in a tree. As he pulled it out, Asenath managed to get to her feet, sober now from the adrenaline. She ran at Thomas and hit him hard in the face, breaking his jaw, knocking out several of his teeth, and cutting up her own hand pretty badly from the impact. Thomas was out cold. She followed him down and beat on him with her fists until Thomas's face was reduced to a bloody pulp, screaming with rage, tears streaming down her face. She kept on hitting him until his entire head was a mashed-up mess on the forest floor, then kept beating until she was satisfied that he was without a doubt dead. Crying, Asenath fell onto her back in the leaves, and Felicity and Porphyria moved to try to comfort her, to try to get her back home where she'd be safe.


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